August 19, 2008


(price to be determined once I include this in my new up and coming ETSY store)

That's right! I finally brought home my baby today. Yes, I'm excited because I now officially have a decent photographer....yaaaaa!
ATTACHED has now officially come into existence. Trust me, as an artist we get excited about certain paintings. This is one. It's a larger one and that is exciting because lately I have been painting in very small formats. This is a good thing...
ATTACHED is a very special painting because it depicts my soulish self attached to my face. What do I mean by the soul? We are made up of a soul (all of our mundane passions and desires), and a Spirit. No, it is not the Holy Spirit.
So we walk through our lives with these two things that are literally in us and that when we die will go to heaven or hell. That's it. Our bodies decay, but our soul and spirit do not die!
Now what we do with the soul and spirit within us depends on how we lead our lives. If we only cater to mundane carnal issues, and we don't feed our spiritual side, our soul will be one big, fat rolly polly and sassy entity. If we are born again (we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts), and we begin to live a more Godly life, our Spirit will begin to get larger, larger, larger, and larger until our Soul becomes this itsy, bitsy little entity.
So for now this painting depicts our soul, which is attached to the front of this human's forehead.
I find as a human being with lots of defects I am constantly in a struggle to make my beautiful Spirit larger, and to placate the soul. It is a never ending struggle.
I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my heart.
I wish you all the best.
Veronica Escudero

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