August 17, 2008

Hope Everyone is Doing Well!


How is everyone doing? It seems like it has been centuries since I last visited with you.
By the way, I thought that I would add a little pizzazzzzzz to my text by using this wonderful red font.
Ok, I think this is enough of my silliness....Well, as I was saying, I have been working like a busy little bee in my studio. I managed to finish a 8"x11" - "Holy, Holy, Holy...Take 2" painting. It takes me about 8 hours to complete this size of a painting, and about 4-5 hours to do a 6"x6".
It's a lot of work, and a lot of love that is put into each one of these little jewels. I'm currently on a cutie little one called "Weee". That will be coming up sometime this week or next.
But for now, just a short update on my painting called "Attached". Yes, I am finally getting this one professionally photographed along with another beauteous cross.
It took me a while to find a professional artistic photographer. I hope this guy works out because I don't feel like searching again. By the way, I am new to the Lancaster area and it has been a total bear to find my favorite art stores, photographer, Chiro, doctor (I haven't done that yet), favorite restaurants, etc. etc.
When I work with larger sizes, such as "Attached", I always have them photographed professionally. As an artist, when we sell a painting, we keep the copyrights which means that we can reproduce the painting in any way or fashion that we so desire.
I get professional photos because if I really like the painting, I have prints (giclees) made of the image, or if I am being published in a magazine or book you need a professional image too.
So I'll be checking with the photographer tomorrow, Monday, to see if "Attached" is finished. Wish me luck. The guy seemed to be good. If I pick it up tomorrow, then you should be able to see a good post of my beauteous painting on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Now for "Remember Me? Do you know that this painting is one of those sweet and not earth shattering works of art. It is VERY abstract, and I think that it is about that special person that is in love. A heart is shown on the right side of the painting. Unfortunately it is a little cracked, but it's not heartbreaking at all. This individual is asking some loved one from the past....Remember me?
So as you see sometimes comical paintings surface, and sometimes a serene and sweet painting like this one makes its debut. Remember that 99.9% of the time I don't know what my painting is going to be about, until I am 1/2 way through the painting.
This is the reason why I'm amazed at the subject matter when the painting has been completed. It's very entertaining to work this way. When I discover that my painting is going to be a Holy image, it puts a major burden on me to produce a painting that will be pleasing to my Creator. Of course, I will never be able to paint a perfect piece, but as a mortal, I'll tryyyyyy.
I hope you have the most gorgeous day ever.
Bye Hasta la Vista


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