August 20, 2008

Today Was an Awesome Day!

This clown is leaping for joy!!!!! Actually this morning I was out watering my little patch of grass, and a few plants, as I always do. I have a circular flowerbed that has a conglomeration of Morning Glory vines all bunched up in the entire circumference of it. One of my wonderful neighbors told me to put it up on a trellis, because she said that the Morning Glories need to climb.
Well, did I listen? Noooooooo! I told her that I would leave it all bunched up in the flowerbed to see if I would still get flowers. What a donkey! He ha, hee ha
One thing I do do is cut the vines when they are extending out of the flowerbed, and I also cut the dead leaves. So I give the poor thing a major hair cut with frequency.
Today, while I was performing my little back to nature routine, I spotted some real, live, kicking Morning Glories! Wow, was that exciting!
I forgot to mention that I had previously planted about 4 different kinds of seeds before, to no avail. Finally, I found the Morning Glory seeds, and I thought they were very pretty, so I figured that this was going to be my last attempt at creating gorgeous, blossoming flowers. At the time, I didn't even know that it was a vine. I had also forgotten what kind of seeds I had finally planted. My expert neighbor told me finally what kind of plant was growing. This tells you how I was just buying packs of seeds, and dumping them in there, and that I am NOT knowledgeable about flowers.
So you see, my friend, the clown is hopping with glee for me......I HAVE FLOWERS!

I hope you are all as chipper as I am today. It is a gorgeous day (actually evening). Take care -

Hasta luego


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