October 7, 2008


Hi everyone - It seems like it has been agessssss since I last visited with all of you dear ones!

Well, I have been a busy bee at work. It took some doing to catch up with my art. I ran out of paintings to post. Due to my artistic diligence, I now have 2.

I'm really excited about both of them. I'll post the 8"x10" on Frid
ay. By the way, it's a surprise! It's just one of those paintings that I really like!

Then on Monday, I will post the second one. That's a sentimental stinker. Hmmm.

For now, I just have to share these photos with you. First of all, I need to talk a little about my husband, Jose. I call him BUCKY! I like that much better.

For some reason I never got used to his name. The reason for this is that when we met in Mexico City, Mexico, we both belonged to a Yoga organization. Bucky was being prepped to become a
Yogi. His yogi name was SAVITAR. I grew to love the fella with this name. I married him as Savitar, and I had my daughter while he was called Savitar. So it was very difficult once we left Hatha Yoga to revert back to his original name. It was totally alien to me. Since we became Christians along the way, we were asked to leave the past behind, and return to our original names. This meant that my beloved Savitar would cease to exist. Since then I have called him Jose, and many more names. The name Bucky seems to be sticking.Wow, that was long winded of me. Now let me continue my story!My husband and I are cross-country truck drivers. My husband is the one that drives on a full-time basis, and I fill in when he doesn't have a partner. I'm a backup gal. Thanks to the fact that I don't have to go out all of the time with him, I can paint and promote my art.

When we went to Branson, we also went to pick up our new Peterbilt truck. Bucky and I decided that I could use it to advertise my blog, and at the same time design a scene for both sides of the truck (Sparky). Sparky was converted into a MOVING BILLBOARD!

I would be remiss if I didn't s
hare it with you. It depicts Bucky contemplating while looking up at the moon and stars. And now may Sparky please show his face.................


Thanks for putting up with my reminiscing about the past. I Look forward to revealing my secret on Friday - Until then - I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week - Your humble servant Veronique (just kidding)


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