December 16, 2010

Big Brother Out of Control

Big Brother Out of Control

It breaks my heart to have to present this painting as my first blog in a long time. Unfortunately, it has been in existence for one year. been an emotional stumbling block for Escudero to come out of her protected and spiritual cocoon. I am concerned about my beloved country, I am deeply concerned about the spiritual decadence, and the ever present governing body of this nation.

Thank God for the Tea Party participants and for the Americans who FINALLY woke up to President Obama's preconceived participatory demise of this nation.

There is something in me that wants to think optimistically about the outcome of the November elections, but then again, I have read biblical prophecy re the end times and it's not looking good at all. This thought only increases my need/desire to pray for our people who have not accepted Jesus into their hearts.

It is not a time to be drunk with deception; it is a time to become sober in mind, spirit and body. It is a time to open up our hearts to the idea that maybe there is a God, maybe there is a heaven and a hell, and maybe we have been too dependent on our government. I don't just want us to rise up and join the tea parties, I want us to also reach out to Jesus our Savior! We need to pray for this nation and for the people who are living in a godless society. Lets change! I mean really change!

"Big Brother Out of Control"

Speaks precisely about what I just mentioned. President Obama (government)

is strangling FREEDOM (a red bird)...

Observe it carefully...

Don't be deceived by its brilliant color



Reality always exists beneath a cushioned


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