July 11, 2009

Lets Take Advantage of Every Moment we Have :)

Well, well, well.....

It's hard to believe that I am actually writing to my favorite bloggers...


It has been quite a while since I had the time to verbalize my appreciation for my dear friends.
So lets take advantage of every moment I have.

It seems that I will be a gypsy for the rest of this year and prob part of next.
Yes, I suppose this is where I am in life today.

What I have decided to do is to twitter with frequency, and I hope that the majority of you will visit me while I travel the far reaches of this earth (just joking).

I hope to post a drawing on Monday if possible. It looks like we might just be in town for one day because we are running late as it is, so wish me the best on the posting.

This drawing is very special. I'm sorry to say that it turned out to be very strong politically speaking. But, what can I say, that's how it came out. Actually it's tragic.
So I'll explain it later when I post it, and then see if you can stomach my view.

By the way, don't think that I have been prolific with my ptg/drawing.
Can you believe it? I have only finished ONE drawing since I last spoke with you.

Ok, I'll bring my pencils, etc. with me again. It's just very very difficult to draw in such cramped quarters, but I'll try again.

Take care of yourselves
May God bless all of you.

NOTE: I'll setup my Twitter icon when I post the drawing. I frankly don't know how to do that yet. Bye.


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HammelmanArt said...

Hope you are faring well on your travels. I have been pretty inactive this summer, too, regarding painting. But lots of boating! We'll get back in the swing this fall.