September 26, 2008




Do you know what?

People seem to think that I am the most adventurous person alive;

that I'm strong and courageous;

that I'm heroic (just joking);

that I am very opinionated (I am);

that hmmmmm what else should I say to look good......



I'm not any of the above or anything else!

I'm a chicken and I like it that way!

Ok, time to get a little tiny bit serious. First of all, I hope that everyone is doing very well. This painting once upon a time meant something else, but now it literally depicts the ordeal that I am presently experiencing. OUCH!!!!!!

For so long I dreamed of a gorgeous heavy duty PC that would be kind to my images, and most of all modern. I have it now, but am I 100% happy? has been one drama after another to set it up and to transfer all of my images and material from my laptop. I haven't done it yet. I'm just looking into the future.

The only thing that I have done is to get my anti virus, and to attempt to download an older version of Photoshop. My computer claims that it isn't compatible with this "BRUTUS" but as you see above, I managed to download a new and wonderful painting. So who knows what technical support will have me do next. I hope I don't have to buy a more recent version of Photoshop.

For this very reason, I have been negligent to communicate with everyone via my art. I posted one wonderful award at the beginning of the week, and next week I will present another surprise. I'm sure by then I will be much more congenial....

Have a wonderful weekend.......Veronica


S. A. Hart said...

Let us pray that you won't need to update Photoshop. YIKES!!! It's far too expensive to even envision that option. God shall be merciful, I'm confident. In the interim, thank you for your lovely image. We are truly blessed.

ESCUDERO said...

Well, well, well, ms sicky, please check out my post because you have won an award....Congratulations! You are my #2 commentator to my blog! Hurrayyyyyy

Dawna said...

i was really annoyed when i got my new computer because of all the stuff that had to be loaded onto it first. computers can be great but sometimes they get on my nerves.