September 9, 2008

A MOMENT TO REST...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Hi everyone! I just want to greet you, and tell you that I am momentarily at a point where I am able to slip in a post, so I thought I would pull out one of my recent paintings and share it with you.
This painting is called THE TREE OF LIFE. It represents the tree that was found in the Garden of Eden. It was the forbidden and most desired tree. Because of this one tree, Adam and Eve who ate one miserable apple (or whatever), were booted out of the Garden of Eden. God warned them both not to eat of this tree. But oh no, they couldn't leave it alone, they had to go and check it out! Isn't that just like us? If someone tells us not to do something, what do we do? We go and do it .....OF COURSE!
So here we are today, many generations after, enduring famines, wars, pestilences, etc. It's not going to get any better until the day Jesus comes back! That's it. The Christian doctrine is soooo simple to understand, and as a result it is sooooo simple to be forgiven!
I used to be involved in occultism, reincarnation, seances, astrology, etc. I was into Hatha Yoga, and I believed in reaching the state of samadhi. It was rather depressing because I didn't want to come back as a cockroach! I wanted to reach that perfect state and not reincarnate again. As a result, I was a good and faithful yogi, who did my asanas, ate correctly, meditated daily (repeated my mantra), and followed my guru's teachings. He was from the Philippines. This was a journey in itself.
Today I don't need to do all of these rituals. I accepted Jesus into my heart. He forgave me for my sins, and that is it. I am saved! I don't need to stand up and sit down and fight, fight, fight! I'm saved! Jesus already died for my sins. I don't need to worry about them.
P.S. I don't usually like to talk too much about my past. So this is special that I shared part of my past with you. You're very special to me!
This painting just inspired me.....that's all.
May God bless you all......

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