August 6, 2008



How's everyone? Hope you all had a woooooonnnnnnddddddeeeeeerrrrrrrffffffuuuuuulllllll weekend! Trust me I'm a little exaggerative. Well, it was my b-day, and should I give out my age? Hmmmmmm....Maybe, I should get feedback from everyone.

Are we really ridiculous about not talking about our age? To people like my dear friend, Dawna, it doesn't make any difference because she is young and beauteous. But....when you get older, you become a little more guarded about AGE!

I remember 57 years ago, I was born in Tucson, Arizona.....hmmmm I just disclosed my most guarded secret.. The only reason why I did, was because when I was younger, I swore I would never be so ridiculous about divulging age. So there you go.

Is there anyone out there that wishes to join me and come clean? Go for it....I'll wait for your comments.

Now about this painting. "HELP! IT'S RAINING..." This is one of my deep and profound paintings. I don't know if I want to go into detail describing this painting. Hmmm.

Well, many times throughout our lives we get bombarded with negative darts (in this case they are the red rain drops). We try to survive and cope with all of the negative things that happen in our lives. Fortunately the rain drops don't have sharp tips to pierce this man's/woman's head, but still he is being harassed by these menacing birds.

This painting could have turned out to be a horrific depiction of suffering, but I chose not to make it that way. Usually when there is a subject matter like this, I purposely choose more benign color combinations. You'll see this happen with frequency in many of my paintings.

The way I deal with these fiery raindrops, is to go into prayer, and hand whatever problem I have to Jesus. At times I get mad at Him and ask him to please get me through whatever ordeal I may have, and then before I know it the sun rises in my life again.

I was wondering when one of these special Escudero paintings was going to surface. It did, so I want to share it with you.

P.S. - Just finished my painting - "ATTACHED" on Monday. I'm going to attempt to photograph it. Hope it turns out ok, if not I'll have to send it out. So wish me luck.

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